Bow Chicka Podcast – Episode 13: Sex and the City, Season 1

This week we’re diving back into the wonderful world of television with season 1 of Sex and the City.

It’s the early days for Miranda, Samantha, Carrie and Charlotte and they’re all just exploring their relationships to each other, to men and, of course, to sex.

The article Mel references in this episode can be found here: Used Cows and Crumpled Flowers.

And if you want to explore your Enneagram Type, go ahead and click on this link and take the test. We talk about it A LOT and it will make a lot more sense! 😉

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Stay Sexy!!! XOXO

Bow Chicka Podcast: Episode 8: Outlander

At long last! Lizzie can finally stop dropping “subtle” hints about how much she loves Outlander, how we should talk about Outlander, and oh…hey…what about Outlander!

We discussed, at length, how to handle television. We definitely want to! But it’s trickier than movies.

So, we decided, when we take on a show, we’ll be tackling it season by season. And, hey, we’re starting with…you guess it…OUTLANDER! Specifically season 1. (Lizzie could not be more excited!!!!)

But Diana Gabaldon (author of Outlander) has some explaining to do!!!

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